Orion (Ron's middle name), was born in East Tennessee, but has lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States. He is currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee and maintains a worldwide practice through phones and almost any form of social media.

He is one of five brothers, one of which is his identical twin (yes he too is psychic, but chooses not to use it publicly). Orion also does radio, television and telephone readings as part of that practice. He has used his talents, on many occasions, to aid police departments throughout the country.


What does it take to change a self-avowed skeptic into a true believer in "psychic phenomenon"? For Orion, it took a ghost and a group of friends who had faith in his abilities. "I didn't get into this line of work as the result of a lifelong ambition"; Orion explained. "As a matter of fact, I was more or less led into it kicking and screaming, trying hard to maintain my skepticism to the bitter end." Before becoming a psychic medium, Orion spent twenty years as an investigative newspaper reporter. It was an interesting leap from the most "fact-based" occupation on the planet to that of talking with the dead. How did he make this unusual leap?


About thirty-eight years ago, Orion and a female friend (who was a firm believer in ghosts and all things metaphysical) were on vacation in an area of West Virginia where neither had been before. Their wanderings had taken them to a historically recreated village in Harper's Ferry and to a house which a brass plaque on the door told us had once been owned by a family named Wager. His friend asked him to "let go" of his skepticism, close his eyes, and tell her what he "sensed" in the house. Playing along, he made up a story about a nine-year-old girl who died in 1849 with a cough and fever. He told his friend that he "sensed" that the girl's name was Maria and described how he imagined her to look. At least he THOUGHT he had made up a story subsequent events showed something else entirely.

He discussed what he "saw" and she told him of her impressions. He didn't think anything about the incident until, about two hours later when they were touring an old cemetery high up on a nearby hill. When they reached the top and sat down to rest on a stone bench Ron noticed the grave just across from where they sat. It was the grave of Maria Wager. She had died at the age and in the year that he had "made up" a short time earlier. Later investigation also backed up other facts in his description including the fact that she had died of scarlet fever."


What he had seen turned his world upside-down. He knew what had happened was real. It caused him to wonder what other phenomenon he had dismissed unfairly.  Eventually, he joined a meditation group and eventually became fast friends with the members. The group would learn and practice a variety of meditation practices. Afterwards they would all talk about what they had seen during the meditations. Others would talk about "angelic beings" or "revelations by spirits" but what Orion saw was, to him very strange indeed. In one incident, he saw peas raining from the sky and a woman standing on a mailbox. It turned out that one of the members of the group had been thinking about making split pea soup for supper and another had missed an important piece of mail that day.  Incidents like that went on for about a year and consistently were related to members of the meditation circle.

Eventually, Orion's friends would come to him after the meditations and ask him if he could "see" anything else in their future or would request his advice about a future course of action concerning personal events.

"We would go to a party and they would, sooner or later, say something like--hey my friend is psychic, let him read you." Orion explained.  "So I would tell them what ever popped in my head and, almost as much to my surprise as theirs, I was right a lot more often than I was wrong." Eventually, it got to the point where people were asking me if I would make an appointment to give them a full reading and offered to pay me. At first I refused the money but another friend who was making her living as a professional psychic, explained to me that my gift was important and real and that people would dismiss it for exactly what I had been using it for, a party trick, unless I asked for and accepted compensation." It took Orion nearly two years to accept his own abilities even in the face of constant verification from the people he read.


"People that I had read would come back, and tell me how I had saved them time, money or prevented them from being injured by the predictions I had made." After a while, on the suggestion of the friend who had led him into the whole thing in the first place, he began keeping what he called a "verification" journal listing the incidents where his predictions had proven to be true.  After a while, he could not turn away from the proof that he had compiled. It was then that he made the decision to take a more professional outlook on his work as a psychic reader. Eventually, he realized that he could never gain the same satisfaction from his "mundane" work that he did from his work as a psychic reader. "I made the decision to pursue it full time and have never regretted my choice," Orion said.

Since that time he has dedicated his life to helping others through the information he receives from those who have passed to the other side.