The Medium.

The best way to describe the type of mediumship that occurs in my readings is that I receive clear memories that are not mine.  The spirit will show me an object, an image, or a clue as to what he or she wants to communicate.  This gift allows passed ones to communicate to you through me.

I want to be clear in stating that I do not do channeling.  Channeling can be a very dangerous practice and my practice does not include this method.  What I provide is a gateway for spirits to show me memories to communicate to you. Please understand that I cannot always directly read the individual that you have in mind. Whoever comes through is the one who provides the information, even if the information does not concern them directly. On the other side, everyone knows what is going on with everyone else. So, even if I don't get the person you wish I can probably get the information you desire.


The Gift of Mediumship

Throughout the ages, mediumship has manifested in different ways, such as prophecies, visions, energetic healing, and of psychic readings.

Mediumship was never meant to be a talent or a form of entertainment, although throughout the centuries and decades it has turned into such in many instances.

We are all mediums to a degree, and it appears to us at different stages of life when we are ready and willing to accept it, or, honestly, when we most need it. Often times, this is after a big life change or traumatic event. 

The great prophets and visionaries of the times were here to help people understand new ideas and possibilities. Those messages were not always well received.  Oftentimes when prophecies became truths the seers were thought to be to blame - as if they had been the ones to place a curse on their village. I can promise you that not a single one of the many fine mediums I have known through the years will put a curse on anyone. If they do, demand your money back and then turn and walk briskly away from them. There is no place in our line of work for such disreputable actions.

Today much has changed. We are no longer being burned at the stake for delivering intuitive guidance and messages from beyond, at least not in most countries sadly there are indeed a few countries that declare us witches and then put us to death. Some of us are even being embraced by those seeking divine messages and healing words. Basically, we are here to help and that is what we most desire to do.

To be a medium is to know your own truth, past truths, and the truth that comes from the divine. The truth is already there, it’s already been written.

When we identify your mom or grandmother and the smell of their lasagna this is a truth that has already been in existence  The reason your grandmother brought this to us was to help you identify her in hopes that you will be receptive and embrace the healing messages brought forth. You are far more likely to listen to someone you already know, especially if they give you messages about things within yourself you need to work on.  On a final note, most often more than one person comes through I have seen time where the other side must be bringing them in by the busload. I then have to sort through the voices and try to pick either the one you are looking for or, at least, someone you will recognize. Basically, however, the strongest will be the ones who are most easily heard and there is no way to know who that will be.




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