The List - A journey to Soulmate Finding

As a psychic Medium, I have spoken with hundreds, if not thousands of people who were concerned with finding that special someone.  What follows is what I did to find MY soulmate and what I give as advice to those who ask.
To begin with, I have gone through the same trials and tribulations as many of you when it comes to finding my soulmate. However, after a ten year marriage, a three month marriage and numerous shorter relationships, I decided that I needed to take stock of my method of finding my special someone. To begin with, I figured out that the only thing those women had in common was me; and I figured out that I HAD to change things up if I wanted to find that special someone. So, I sat myself down and picked apart my lifetime of relationships and decided that I had put the universe in charge of finding my significant other. The problem was, I did not give the universe the information it needed to locate my mate. As a result, I sat down and began a VERY detailed list of the attributes I thought were needed and, I made a list.
I began my list by carefully dissecting my previous relationships, deciding what things I really needed and what thing I would NOT accept in a mate, Knowing that the universe, in its perverse way, did not understand the difference when you said the word no or not so, my list used neither of those words. Everything was phrased as a positive and very, very detailed. I then added in other things that I really wanted and needed from a relationship and so, the list was born. I printed out two copies, burned one and saved the other, letting the universe know that I was serious about my wants and needs. 
As I said, my list was extremely detailed, I even put down a physical description. For example, I pondered on such things as eye and hair color. For a while, I was at a loss as to what my preferences were but, finally, I decided, I put down red hair and green eyes since I always admired those traits on movie and television actresses. So, what then, I asked the universe to send her to me and then, I waited, but I did not have to wait long.
About two weeks after I finished my list, I received a call from a woman who I had apparently read some months before while on the show circuit and shockingly, SHE asked ME out on a date. Now here is the part that is really weird, I read many, many people so I had absolutely no idea what she looked like. Furthermore, I had stopped dating about two years before so that I could get my ducks in a row and figure out what I wanted and needed. The strangest part of all is, despite my self-enforced non-dating vow, I said yes.
I asked her where she wanted to meet and she told me that she knew I was doing a show in Knoxville that weekend and suggested that we meet there. "How will I know you?" I asked, she replied: "You won't but I know you and I will meet you there." I had never been on a blind date in my life but, for whatever reason, I agreed to the arrangement.
Fast forward to the weekend; during the show, between readings, I kept a close eye on females walking around the room. At one point, I saw this absolutely gorgeous woman walk in wearing a red dress. I immediately started hoping that this was her but, alas, she went straight to the table of a dear friend of mine and sat down for a reading. It was clear that they were old friends by the way they greeted each other and spoke to each other. At this point, I found myself trying to figure out a good way to ditch my blind date and ask this woman out. After a bit, I could see that their reading was over and that they were simply chatting. It being late in the day things had gotten very slow so, while they chatted, I got up from my table and sort of meandered by my friend's table.  I nodded to him hoping he would introduce me but, alas, that didn't happen. So, I returned to my own table and waited out the rest of the day still looking for my date.
After a while, the redhead got up and hugged my friend and I thought, "Oh well, guess that opportunity is lost.  Strangely, she did not head for the door, but instead, headed for my table. I asked with a smile if she wanted another reading, but she said no, could we talk for a moment. Naturally, I was all for that so I motioned for her to take a seat. She did and smiled at me.
"So, let me read you instead of you reading me," she asked right off the bat. People do that on occasion so I didn't think much about it until she said, eyes twinkling, I think you have a date tonight with a woman in a red dress!" I replied that, yes I did have a date but I had no idea what she would be wearing." She simply smiled at me. Eventually, the light dawned on me. "Tracy?" I asked, again she nodded. Naturally I was thrilled.
Later, after a wonderful date (we talked forever and still had more to say), she dropped my back at my car. I was going to be polite and hug her good night but, instead, she pulled me pulled my in and gave me one right on the lips and, boy she was a good kisser. I asked her if she would go out with me again. She agreed so we set up a date to meet me at where I was living on the next weekend.
Fast forward to the next weekend, after a great picnic we sat around talking. I gathered up my courage and told her that I hope it wouldn't frighten her off but that I had to say that I was falling in love with her. She replied, "Thank you, I hope it won't hurt your feelings if I don't return that since we have not been together very long.” I reassured her that it did not hurt my feelings as long as she would keep seeing me, to which she agreed.
An hour or so later, I told her, by way of explanation for my earlier statement of love, that I had fallen for her when she first walked in the room in that red dress. She smiled and replied, "I fell in love with you even before that when I saw you at another show you were at,"
Well, my jaw hit the ground, when she said that and I just stared. She was puzzled, 'What?" she asked. I was going to be a gentleman and not tell her that she had just said that she loved me too but she eventually made me tell her what I was staring about. So I told her. She almost fell down laughing. She said, "I don't remember saying that but, from the look on your face, I clearly did say it."  Long story short, by the end of the date we were talking about a wedding and three months after that we got married.
And that folks, was almost twenty-two years ago and she is still my lovely bride.
I hope this help any of you in the same boat I was in so long ago. Make your list, check it twice and hopefully you will find someone who is a little bit naughty but a whole lot nice.


Question:  Can you tell us another ghost story?


Answer:  Sure, it isn’t my purpose to fill this blog with ghost stories but there is another one that had a profound effect on me, and still does.


As some of you know, I was not always a Psychic Medium. After serving in the military for four years I went to college and studied journalism. For nearly twenty-five years I was a newspaper reporter/editor/photographer. The point of all this is that I spent most of my life, to that point, in a world of practicality and skepticism. As a reporter, if you couldn’t prove it by three sources then is was supposition. All of that was before Maria!


Let me explain, At that time I was dating a lady who didn’t stay long in my life but something that happened on a road trip with her did stay a while and, actually, still does. I wanted to visit my brother who lived in Virginia and asked if she wanted to accompany me. She said sure, if we could visit Harper’s Ferry West Virginia while on the trip. Being a history buff (Harper’s Ferry was the site of John Brown’s raid prior to the civil war) So I told her that would be great with me and a lot of fun. But history was not why SHE wanted to visit that particular place. She was into metaphysical matters (something I knew little about outside a few Halloween stories during my stint as a reporter) and According to her, Harper’s Ferry was one of the most haunted spots in the country. With that, we visited my brother, DC, the Smithsonian and then stopped in Harper’s Ferry on the way back.


Now, please understand that, as a true reporter, I was taught to neither believe nor disbelieve in anything until I had solid proof one way or another. So, as we toured the town, we came upon a house that had been refurbished and maintained much as it had been during the civil war. It had a brass plaque by the front door that labled it as, “The Wager House” as a nod to the family that built it. My traveling companion explained how she could close her eyes and see the spirits of people who had once lived in the place. She did so, and explained seeing a workman in the place going about his duties. She added that he had died in the place while at his work. Then she threw me a curve-ball:  “Okay,” she said, “Now you close your eyes and tell me what you see!” Trapped! So, being an aspiring writer as all reporters are, I made something up to please her.


“I see a young girl. She is thin, dressed in civil war era clothing. She has blond hair and she died in the April of 1862 of a fever.” I went on to tell her when the girl was born and other details of her life. “What was her name?” My companion asked. So, like the other details, I made up her name. “Maria!” I told her. Well, at least I THOUGHT I had made it up. Hang onto your hats, this is where it got freaky for me.


After we left the house, we wandered around the town and ended up at the local church built, like the rest of the town, on a steep hillside. As we were standing next to a stone wall that bordered the churchyard and divided it from a steep drop off, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman in a white dress plunge from the top of the church and down the cliff we stood by. Being a reporter, I had to look of course, expecting to see the woman’s shattered remains on the rocks below but, there was nothing! We had a clear field of view and could see the area below with complete clarity. There was no body, no blood, nothing! I admit that I was shaken by the incident so we cornered a one of the roving tour guides and explained what I had seen. Unexpectedly, she laughed! She then explained that I had been fortunate enough to see the “Lady in White” who had taken her own life after her bridegroom was a no-show. My companion was thrilled by the incident. I, markedly less so! but while the falling bride was startling, and supposedly seeing my first ghost was shocking, that was most certainly NOT the end of it.


After leaving the church, we wandered up above it, up the steep hill to the old Graveyard. I have always been fascinated by graveyards and the history the contained but this particular graveyard contained something more! After struggling up the steep hill, I was exhausted so we took advantage of one of the stone benches beside the pathway that encircled the cemetery. Once I caught my breath, I looked up, scanning the old grave stones. There, not fifteen feet from where we sat, was a headstone and I will NEVER forget what was written on it. It was the grave of Maria Wager born and died in the same years I had “made up” a few minutes earlier. Needless to say, I was even more startled than I was with the fallen women of a short time earlier! My companion was beside herself with excitement. Later, we again found a tour guide (different from the first) because my friend wanted more information. We were directed to the minister at the church. He, in turn, directed us to the church records and those of the Wager family. You probably guessed the rest of it, the records told of the young girl named Maria Wager who was blonde haired and blue eyed at birth and died of a wave of fever that passed through the town. In short, everything I had “made up” was real and accurate.


My friend could talk about nothing else on the trip home. Me, I was too stunned to say much of anything. Now, here is an interesting addendum. Years later when I did become a Psychic Medium, I was joined and guided by my little friend Maria Wager. She stayed with me and guided me for fifteen or twenty years before she gradually faded from my life. I still think of her from time to time, however and think about revisiting Harper’s Ferry but I am not sure that hill is still within my ability to reach. Was this how I became a Psychic Medium? Nope. That is another story entirely and probably the next one I write about here.