Commonly Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please feel free to send an email and Orion will reply as time permits.

Q: Can I ask questions during a reading?

A:  Absolutely. It is YOUR reading. You guide the reading as much as you wish. It is recommended to make up a list of possible questions before your session is to make sure all your questions are answered.  Otherwise, feel free to ask questions at any time.


Q:  How do you connect with people to do readings?

A:  For the most part, all that is needed is the sound of the client's voice. In a case where there is a missing person, or they are not available, being able to touch an object that was personal to either the client or the person they are trying to contact will help.  I have been able to do readings by phone, skype, television and radio many, many times.


Q:  Is a reading better in person or by phone?

A:  Since I connect by voice it is basically the same no matter what method is used. It is simply more convenient for most of my clients to do their readings by phone.


Q:  Do you do "in person" readings any place other than your home town?

A:  I can do “in person” readings out of town, however, it is more costly and would include travel expenses.  This typically works with groups of 15 or more but can be arranged on a case by case basis.


Q:  What kind of information and/or images do you get when you do a reading?

A:  That depends on the person and the specific reading. The information I get is usually pretty specific. I prefer to operate on a minimum of information FROM the client preferring to provide information TO the client through my abilities. Concerning images: Most often I get images of people who have passed and of people, things or events. If the deceased person is trying to indicate a birthday, for example, I might see an image of a birthday hat or party. Very often I will see actual photos that do exist and can be accessed by the client. Sometimes I will be given names but more often I will receive only part of the name or place.


Q: Are your abilities constant or can you turn them on or off at will?

A:  The information is pretty much constant. Fortunately I have been able to learn to "turn down the volume" to a point where the information does not interfere with daily life. Once in a while, however, something will "come through" so powerfully that it blasts right through the "volume control".  At that point I have to sort of "reset" my controls to tune things out.


Q:  Where do your abilities come from?

A:  Like all abilities, I firmly believe they are a gift from God, no different from the ability to sing or draw. I believe that I, and other readers, simply have the ability to see and hear on "frequencies" that most people do not. I also believe anyone can develop these abilities with time and training. In addition, I believe my abilities are inherited. When I finally worked up the nerve to tell my mother that I "tossed away" my college education and career as a newspaper man to become a professional Psychic Medium the only reaction I got was a shrug and the comment, "Oh, yeah, your grandfather used to do that all the time." This was a fact that no one had mentioned to me until then.


Q:  I hear many people who have psychic abilities have had previous "Near Death Experiences" (NDEs) have you ever had one?

A:  Thankfully no, at least not that I am aware of. The term "Near Death Experience" or "NDE" is applied to people who have been clinically dead for some period of time. Although I have not had such an experience that I can remember, I have met and spoken with many who have. I have also researched them for many years and very much believe in them. There are a number of excellent books on the subject including "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymound Moody. It is worth a read.


Q:  What do your friends and family believe concerning your abilities?

A:  Years of exposure to my readings and predictions have allowed me the opportunity to help my friends and family.  Coming from a family of five brothers, three of which are retired police officers and the other a reporter like me, they maintain a healthy skepticism but on the other side of the coin they have asked me many times to assist them in their work.